Covering 514 square kilometres (319 square miles) of which 78sqkmis covered by water,was established in 1974in between lakes of Abaya and Chamo. Abaya and Chamo are the twin rift valley lakes separated by a neck of land better known as a “Bridge of Heaven”. The park boasts very beautiful scenery. The park hosts 188 bird species of which 2 are endemic,84 wildlife species and wide variety of plains game roam freely amongst savannah, dry bush and groundwater forest.
This area is undoubtedly the most beautiful in the whole rift valley region. Among the mammals that are found in the area are red bushbuck, bush pig, anubis baboons and vervet monkeys, great kudu , Guenther’s dik dik, Burchell’s zebra, grant’s gazelle and Swayne’s hartebeest. Ornithologist’s eyes can feast on the sights of such birds as red-billed and grey hornbill, Abyssinian grand hornbill, fish-eagle, kingfishers and various bustard species.

The two lakes are of course habitats for the aquatic lives like crocodiles and hippos. Lake Abaya, the largest of the Ethiopian rift valley lakes, is recently known for it’s crocodile farm; and the adjacent Chamo lake is famous for it’s crocodile market.