This very small, but very important zone comprises the flat land each side of the Gaysay River, and on the west bank of the Web River. The area occurs in the extreme north of the park, between Gaysay Mountain and the Adelay Ridge.

These grasslands lie on almost flat land, whose drainage is poor, and inundation is frequent in the west season. Many places are, therefore, dominated by swamp grasses and sedges, especially of the Cyperus and Sciripus genera. Relatively higher parts are covered with low bush vegetation, dominated by Artemesia afra and Helichrysum splendium. Common grasses of these areas include those of the genera Andropogon, Bromus, Festuca and Poa.

The bush species Helichrysum splendium has been almost totally eradicated outside the park boundaries by domestic sheep and goats. Protection by the park fences has allowed it to re-grow in the park, to a point where it appears to be taking over from the Artemesia. Both species are important food plants for Mountain Nyala, and shelter for several species.