Erecha Ritual

Oromos are numerically the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. Oromos have an annual ritual of celebrating nature and thanksgiving to their god the creator called Waqa. The celebration involves making offerings on designated big tree and making recitations of good wish, blessing and sprinkling what is considered holy water on the participants.

Erecha is celebrated in many parts of Ethiopia and the most popular one takes place at Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) town 44km south-east of Addis Ababa and by the shores of Lake Hora. Jimma town is another place of Erecha. This ritual is also an occasion where Oromo people of Christian, Muslim and Animist faith groups come together to participate in the ceremony. This ceremony is getting increasing popularity among international tourist and this is the case partly because of the availability of many lodge and hotel facilities in the town of Debre Zeit and its proximity to Addis Ababa.