hewn churches of Lalibella: Bete Emanuel, Bete Rafael and Gabriel, Bete Mercury’s and Aba Libanos. Continue your tour from the stunning Bete Giorgis, which was hewed out with the Greek cross, and then walk back to your Hotel, Timket is celebrated in Ethiopia on January 11th on the Ethiopian calendar (January 19 on the Gregorian calendar). On this day, in the morning, people go to nearby churches for prayers, and in the afternoon, replicas of the Arc of the covenant are taken out of every church, accompanied by the priests, deacon, singers of the church, as well as ordinary people to the place where the baptism ceremony is held. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 7 (20 Jan. ): Early in the morning you will go the place where The Arc of the covenants will stay for overnight, Early in the morning there will be a baptism ceremony after the blessing the head of the churches, then the Arc of covenants will be back to the churches to which they belong and the members will accompany the Arc with song and different worships. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 8 (21 Jan. ): in the morning transfer to the airport to fly to Axum.
Sightseeing in Axum, a town steeped in more than 2500 years of history, from the palace and tomb of King Kaleb (6th C, AD). You will also visit the extraordinary Stella’s records as a world heritage site and the