Capital city, Addis Ababa

The capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa which lies at the heart of the country was established by king Minillik II in 1887. Addis Ababa ‘new flower’ is situated at an altitude of ranges from 1500ms.he lowest spot to 3100M.around Entoto Mountain. The city of Addis can be a cultural reference of the whole Ethiopia for having almost all tribal people and their way of living in the country.

Addis Ababa is also the diplomatic capital of Africa, the remaining seat of the Union as it has been for the last 41 years. OAU(AU), E.C.A (Economic Commotion for Africa) and so many other Intentional N.G.O.S. is also a home of different unique churches, historical monuments & museums such as Ethological museum the richest in the country exhibits the culture and handcrafts of various Ethiopian Ethic groups, national museum, where cultural and archeological relics including “LUCY” the 3.2 million year old hominid. Visiting the biggest open market, Merkato is also one of the ideal experiences in Addis Ababa sight seeing rich in both traditional stuffs of the people’s daily life to modern imported goods.
Participating religious and cultural events in Addis also offers a rewarding religious and people’s life.
The central geographical location of Addis Ababa also give a chance to make short day trips to archeological, cultural, religious and natural attraction sites of the surrounding.
Glory Ethiopia would never imagine its clients being idle even for fraction of seconds while staying in Addis.
Full and half day city tours, Excursions out of Addis, Traditional and European nights are all the memorable offers of Glory Tours for Business travelers and Transit passengers.

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